CDR Report For Australia Immigration

  A CDR Report or the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is an important step of the visa approval process for the overseas engineers who want to live and work in Australia. CDR Writing Australia services has a team of professional engineers from various disciplines as well as most talented and skilled CDR writers, editors and proofreaders who can help you writing a winning CDR report easily. They have years of experiencing in helping the engineers from different branches win Skilled Migration Visas for Australia and know the kind of CDR Engineers Australia is looking for.

Why do Engineers want to migrate to Australia?

  Australia is known for its gorgeous beaches, wonderful tropical weather, warm and friendly people, fantastic adventure trips, a wide range of cuisines, and great pub culture. Professionals apply for Australian immigration for various reasons – which might not always be related to money and career prospects. The Medicare system in Australia allows people to access free or subsidised health and medicare care in some of the best hospitals of the world. In public hospitals, patients can access free accommodation and treatment and get prescription medicines at lower rates. Similarly, Australians have access to free or subsidised primary, secondary and tertiary education. The education system there enjoys a good reputation and has a holistic approach. The learning outcomes are not based on one's academic results alone. The students' performance in sports, learning, and interaction etc. is also emphasized.  Besides, Australia has some of the top universities of the world with world-class faculty and research facilities. Australia enjoys a strong economy and Australian dollar is considered one of the safest and strongest currencies of the world. The government is focusing on innovation and job creation too which bodes well for those who want to migrate to the country. Most Asian engineers are used to stressful job conditions which offer them better chances to grow in Australia where ‘meritocracy’ is valued. The work-life balance is respected in Australia and businesses make efforts to provide good working conditions to their employees. Professionals in mainstream engineering jobs are highly paid and respected in Australia while jobs for IT engineers are growing steadily. It is easier to get hired in Australia than in other developed countries. There is a joke which goes around stating that if you are unsuccessful, you will always have one door open for you – IT recruitment in Sydney! In Down Under, the employers often emphasize on ‘cultural fitness’ of those whom they hire. Excellent English speaking and writing skills can increase one’s chances of adapting to the country exponentially. Many technically qualified professionals and programmers often work in back-office roles and might turn out to be introverts – even though they are geniuses in their own fields. The team of CDR writing service providers can help such engineers and technicians to express themselves well in their CDR and increase their chances of getting their visas approved.

Technical Requirements of a CDR

  Engineers Australia publishes a Migration Skills Assessment booklet on a regular basis. It contains all the latest details and requirements about the CDR. In general, a CDR includes your personal details (including your birth certificate and passport), your updated resume, your English Language test results (or IELTS results), your academic transcripts and documentary evidence of your employment details, three Career Episodes, a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) list, and Summary Statement. It can be said that the Competency Demonstration Report has been designed to assess one’s employment and legal status on the basis of which the person can be considered eligible (or ineligible) for skilled migration to Australia. Many engineers find it difficult to write a good CDR report because they have limited knowledge about the EA assessment process. Even if they have good projects in hand, they find it difficult to link it to the competencies they are expected to have. CDR writing experts on our team and professional engineers from disciplines similar to yours can advise you on how to showcase your skills and achievements in the best possible manner. Experienced engineers and writers who know how one’s competencies can be highlighted through different academic and work-related projects one might have participated can help one in such cases. Your detailed resume can be a good starting point for choosing a suitable theme or topic for your career episodes. You can read more about the competencies for your occupation category in the MSA booklet. Do note that in the Summary Statement, one has to refer to the particular paragraphs in your Career Episodes where you have mentioned a particular competency. So, if your Career Episodes miss out on a particular competency, your Summary Statement will automatically look deficient and your CDR’s overall effectiveness comes down. So, it is very important to plan and write your Career Episodes carefully. team of CDR writers are highly skilled and talented and can help you come up with a personalised CDR that can help you sail through the Australian immigration process.

Seven Tips on how to write a Competency Demonstration Report

  Here is what some of the best CDR services providers on our team advise about writing a CDR:
  • Read the EA guidelines carefully – until you understand them thoroughly. There are three vital elements of the CDR Report Australia:
    • List of Continuous Professional Development (CPD),
    • Three Career Episodes, and
    • Summary Statement.
Each of these elements serves a specific purpose and have a clearly specified format. Once you understand what you need to showcase in each of them, writing an impressive CDR report for Engineers Australia becomes much easier. You can check out a CDR Australia sample to see the exact format in which you have to write your engineering competency report.
  • Many engineers do not pay much attention to their language skills. This can backfire when it comes to CDR Australia. Use only the Australian English in the CDR Report Australia. So, take special care in your choice of words, spellings you use, and your writing style. Here’s a quick tip: Australian English is quite similar to British English.
  • A CDR for Australia Immigration must include all the competencies published in the MSA Engineers Australia booklet. The MSA or Migration Skills Assessment booklet defines in detail all the skills, knowledge, and competencies that are expected from engineers and technicians applying in different occupation categories.
  These occupation categories (Engineering Associate, Engineering Technologist, Professional Engineer, and Engineering Manager) have been classified on the basis of work experience applicants have and the roles they have played in their fields till now.   One should choose the topic or theme of their Career Episodes in such a manner that the events you include in them can demonstrate that you have the characteristics and traits EA is looking for.
  • Engineers Australia assessment focuses on you and your achievements rather than your company and your company’s glories. Hence, CDR writing Australia service providers often skip over extraneous details about your company’s history, market share, and profit and loss accounts. They only focus on what you (and not your team) has done for the company as an individual.
  The rewards and recognitions you have received can be highlighted in the Career Episodes. However, make sure that you are not fibbing. You should be able to produce proofs to substantiate all your claims – even if they are circumstantial proofs. In Australia, lying and cheating is strictly looked down upon – and is a sure-shot way to get your CDR rejected.
  • If you read through the CDR Engineers Australia guidelines and the CDR Engineers Australia sample carefully, you will realise that each paragraph of the Three Career Episodes have need to be penned carefully. In the Summary Statement, you need to reference the paragraph in which you mention a particular competency element.
  Remember, most CDR Australia assessors read the Summary Statement first. They use it as a ‘reference point’ to gleam through your Career Episodes and decide whether you have a particular competency or not.   The Summary Statement is often the face of your CDR. It also showcases your comprehension and analysis skills. So, be careful that you reference your paragraphs correctly here.
  • Engineers Australia CDR Help providers most emphatically advise that you should always write Career Episodes in the ‘first person’ and using ‘active voice’.
  Some of the great sentence openers in your Career Episodes can be ‘I found’, ‘I planned’, ‘I measured’, ‘I designed’, ‘I analysed’ etc. Stick to the specific facts and details about your engineering experience and focus on the competencies you used as an ‘engineer’ to complete a certain project.
  • In most cases, you will find that the CDR Engineers Australia rejected had plagiarism. You should only use CDR samples available online or elsewhere as references. You should never ‘copy-paste’ them or try to steal ideas from them. If you are not sure where to begin writing, seek help from a trusted CDR services provider. But never ever steal!
  There is one more thing to note. Plagiarism may occur accidentally too. Sometimes, certain sentences or group of words remain stuck in your mind and you use them subconsciously To avoid such mishaps, we suggest you to run your CDR through a trustworthy plagiarism checking software before you submit it to the EA.  

What do EA Assessors look for in a CDR?

  According to the Australian websites that publish training material for EA assessors, CDR assessment mainly depends on seeing how well you comply with the requirements mentioned in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet for your particular ‘Occupation Category’ and ‘Engineering Discipline’. Even if you are an outstanding engineer but miss out on one of the requirements in your CDR, you might get marked negatively. It means that your CDR outcomes might not be in your favour and your visa application might get rejected. So, it is highly advisable that you read all the Engineers Australia rules and guidelines carefully, and seek expert help if you are in doubt.