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What is CDR Report?

If you are a budding engineer who wants to pursue his professional career in the flourishing land of Australia, the first thing you require to immigrate to Australia as an engineer is a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). CDR report refers to Competency Demonstration Report that are technical reports required by Australian organizations from the potential applicants who are aiming to make a career in engineering domain in the nation. Australia is utilising CDR Reports as an evaluation method for assessing the competency and education level of overseas engineering students and professionals who desire to work in Australia.

What is the Requirement of Preparing CDR Report?

All the engineering graduates who have obtained their engineering degrees from an educational institution that is affiliated to the Washington or Sydney accord are provided direct recognition by the officials of the Engineers Australia. They are not required to submit a CDR project report to the Engineers Australia. However, engineering graduates who have obtained their engineering degrees from universities that are not affiliated to the Washington or Sydney accord should draft a CDR report and submit it to the Engineers Australia.

CDR Samples

The CDR sample report we offer here are only for reference purposes. You can find a CDR sample for any of the Engineering disciplines from us such as Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, etc to name a few. Other disciplines for which you can request CDR samples from us include:

1. Aeronautical Engineer
2. Agricultural Engineer
3. Biomedical Engineer
4. Chemical Engineer
5. Civil Engineer
6. Computer/ Software Engineer
7. Control Engineer
8. Electrical Engineer
9. Electronics Engineer
10. Geo technical Engineer
11. Industrial Engineer
12. Mechanical Engineer
13. Mining Engineer
14. Oil & Gas Engineer
15. Production Engineer
16. Telecommunication Engineer
17. Transport Engineer

We strictly advice against copying and pasting any material from it in the final Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) you submit to Engineers Australia (EA) when you apply for skilled migration visa. Plagiarism is strictly looked down by EA.

Since the sample CDR we provide you have been assessed positively by EA, this implies that they worked for engineers from these disciplines who wanted to migrate to Australia and be eligible to work there. These were the people who were able to get their Visa 189 or Visa 190 or Visa 489, according to the class for which they applied based on the CDR we prepare for them.

Why to choose our CDR Report writing services? has a team of experienced engineers and professional writers who assist candidates prepare their CDR on a regular basis and hence, are in a position to offer you any number of free CDR Samples that have won appraisal by EA. You can look at the CDR Australia samples accepted earlier to see how the EA guidelines need to be implemented in the report.

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Thus, CDR report is very essential for engineering graduates as it increases the chances of them in getting hired by the Australian companies and acquiring the migration visa in settling down an Australia. Engineers from countries such as India, UK, UAE, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, etc. are eligible to apply for engineering jobs in Australia through the Engineers Australia.

CDR Sample 1: Mechanical Engineering Discipline - ANZSCO Code: 233512
CDR Sample 2: Electrical Engineering Discipline - ANZSCO Code: 233311
CDR Sample 3: Electronics Engineering Discipline - ANZSCO Code: 233411
CDR Sample 4: Chemical Engineering Discipline - ANZSCO Code: 233111
CDR Sample 5: Telecommunications Engineering Discipline - ANZSCO Code: 263311

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