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KA02 Report stands for Knowledge Assessment (02) Report. A report on KA02 Writing is a known requirement for engineers all around the world with an accredited qualification from a registered University from any country in the face of the earth. To successfully pass the KA02 they must be capable of crafting a KA02 Report that lists their own skills in a positive manner. Most engineers find it, a very tedious as well as a time consuming endeavour and are happy to involve KA02 Report Writing Services by professionals like us, at cdrreport.net, to help them draft the report for them.

The main purpose of IPENZ KA02 report is to allow non- qualified ICT applicants to demonstrate their skills. They have to explain how they acquired their skills and they have skills equivalent to that required by IPENZ. They should include the key areas in which they have acquired knowledge for the New Zealand Skilled Migration. The KA02 report is for those applicants who have ICT qualification that is not equivalent to the degree or diploma from New Zealand universities but have lots of experience in the professional field of ICT. These candidates can apply for ICT Skills Assessment through KA02 process of assessment.

A huge number of aspirants are rejected each year because of their poor KA02 Report Writing skills. This is an enormous con for the qualified engineers even with years of experience backing them. The main reason behind it is the lack of knowledge and time to prepare a good KA02 report acknowledging the necessary requirements that makes the KA02 report eligible for submission before the IPENZ.

We are an experienced KA02 report writing services provider that helps applicants showcase their skills in the ICT field for New Zealand Skilled Migration. We provide KA02 report to engineers of all disciplines, be it Chemical, Mechanical, Computer or Electronics. Our team of highly qualified individuals are aware of the standards followed by IPENZ and hence produce reports according to the guidelines given by IPENZ. With an approval rate of 99%, we have established our name in the field of KA02 report writing services New Zealand. On choosing us, the applicants get a positive assessment of their skills from IPENZ in their first attempt.

Points to Consider While Writing Your Own KA02 Report

  • The need of some essential writing ability that would only enhance your KA02 report written by the candidate.
  • The aspirants must be capable of providing all mandatory information required by the IPENZ in their KA02 Writing report.
  • The candidate must have a very clear understanding of their subject as to write down a worthy KA02 Writing report.
  • The ability to write a KA02 report in the simplest language possible to avoid any chance of misunderstanding.
  • To animatedly describe the most boring episode of engineering in your KA02 Writing report so that they are able to spark interest in the mind of the most unsuspecting individuals.
  • The candidate must follow the language and style in tune with the official standards while constructing KA02 Writing report.
  • Simple style of language used in writing a report is very expressive.
  • What is KA02 Report for New Zealand Skilled Immigration?

For NZ skilled immigration, you'll need to demonstrate that you have the appropriate competence in your specific area of expertise and that you can work in your field independently. You'll either have to register as a Chartered Professional Engineer or complete a Knowledge Assessment report.

Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) eligibility requirements require you to:

  • Hold an engineering qualification in your domain that is accredited by Washington Accord
  • Meet the assessment requirements to demonstrate that you meet the competency standards,
  • Commit to the CPEng code of conduct and agree to be re-assessed every six years.

Engineers from abroad who do not possess Washington Accord qualifications can apply for New Zealand immigration assessment through the KA02 report (Knowledge Assessment 02 report). This report allows you to demonstrate the required engineering skills and knowledge - which you can prove through narrating Study or Work Episodes where you acquired and applied those skills. You also need to submit some Work Records to show that you actually worked on the complex engineering problems you've mentioned in your report.

Common problems Skilled Migration New Zealand applicants face

Engineering New Zealand or IPENZ guidelines are quite clear about what elements you need to include in your KA02 report. However, you need to fully understand what exactly it means by the 'complex engineering problems. cdrreport.net has a team of highly qualified engineers who very-well understand the nuances of your specific domain and can offer you assistance in coming up with the Work Episodes that can highlight each element appropriately and adequately.

Language skills are also a big pain for engineers from abroad who want to migrate to New Zealand. Preparing a KA02 report requires good English writing skills. It has to be grammatically correct and be able to demonstrate that you've good communication skills. Remember that once a KA02 report gets rejected, there is no use submitting it again for re-assessment. IPENZ is known for its strict rules when it comes to skill assessments.

IPENZ competence assessment process is evidence-based. You need to submit work records, email correspondences, or files to show that you actually worked on the project you've written about in your work episode. If you do not have the files with you, you might have to prepare them too. The absence of calculations, charts, and sections that relate to your work episodes may result in the rejection of your KA02 report. Normally people include 1-4 work episodes in their KA02 report and if you are not aware of what you should focus on or how to highlight your technical skills and knowledge, you may find it difficult to pen the report that can show you in the favorable light.

There is a deadline to submit your KA02 report to IPENZ. Normally, you receive a reminder email three to six months before your assessment date. But if you don't, you are responsible for enquiring about your submission deadline. Waiting until the last minute to prepare your KA02 report can prove fatal for your visa application.

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